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Principle of water and fertilizer integrated machine

User:JXCTUpload time:Apr 25 2022

Accurate irrigation and fertilization integration of cucumber, fertilizer with just the right amount of water into the crop roots near, not in deep loss, can not only improve the fertilizer effect, and the groundwater pollution from fertilizer and chemicals, in irrigation and fertilization way truly uniform of the moisture and nutrients needed by crops, right amount, accurate control and supply. The realization of the integrated precision irrigation and fertilization technology of water and fertilizer requires corresponding facilities such as water supply, fertilizer supply, automatic precision irrigation and fertilization, and irrigation official website. The key core device is the water and fertilizer integrated machine.

water and fertilizer integrated machine

The fertilizer liquid in the fertilizer liquid irrigation is injected into the mixed irrigation by the fertilizer, and the fertilizer pump extracts the fertilizer liquid from the mixing tank and transfers it into the irrigation main pipe. At the same time, a branch pipe is set to connect the fertilizer injector as the inlet pipe of the fertilizer injector. According to the signal difference, the amount of fertilizer is adjusted by controlling the pulse width of the solenoid valve, so that the concentration of fertilizer in the main pipeline is consistent with the set value, and the adjustment of acidity and alkalinity is similar to that of fertilizer concentration.

Work, all-in-one water in the pump inlet under dynamic action has permanently pressurized water inflow, water flow through the nozzle jet device tapered section, with the reduce of cross-sectional area, increase the water pressure, water flow rate also increase, and the vacuum negative pressure produced by suction chamber ambient pressure differential pressure formation, will be a single element using the pressure difference of liquid fertilizer and water to mix adequately, It is discharged through the outlet of water and fertilizer mixture.

The working pressure difference is provided by the pressure pump, which is connected to the entrance of the main pipe on the fertilizer suction system to meet the requirements of constant pressure water supply for the upper porous pipe; When the pressurized water flows through the jet, the suction pressure is reduced to produce a vacuum to complete the fertilization process.

Automatic management of water and fertilizer using water and fertilizer integrated equipment is beneficial to realize water saving and fertilizer saving and increase production and efficiency, which is the key direction of the modernization of facility agriculture.

Introduction of water and fertilizer integration:

Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization. According to soil nutrient content and fertilizer requirement rules and characteristics of crops, soluble solid fertilizer or liquid fertilizer is mixed with irrigation water into fertilizer with appropriate concentration. With the help of irrigation fertilizer machine, The matched fertilizer with appropriate concentration was evenly distributed to the root area of crops through controllable pipes and drip heads or sprinkler heads.

Product Introduction:

Water and fertilizer integrated machine is fertilizing and watering equipment at the same time, water soluble solid or liquid fertilizer fertilizer will match against the dollar and into the liquid fertilizer and irrigation water together, uniform and accurate to the crop root soil, and can according to the growing demand, water and nutrients in the whole stages quantitatively, timing, and in proportion to supply, crop as well as absorb the moisture in the absorption of nutrients required for itself. Because of its high utilization rate of water and fertilizer, saving fertilizer and water resources, saving labor and time, reducing costs, improving output, convenient use, many countries will be widely used in agricultural production to improve economic benefits.

With the rapid development of new technologies, including wireless communication technology, sensor technology, information processing technology, agricultural automation and informatization, the Internet of things technology will integrate agriculture and computer, and combine intelligent facilities, intelligent equipment, intelligent system and planting needs. In order to improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer, increase crop yield, reduce environmental pollution, improve the scientific and technological content of agricultural modernization equipment.