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Atmospheric pressure sensor are used in air quality monitoring systems

User:JXCTUpload time:May 05 2022

Atmospheric pressure is the pressure produced by the air at a location on the earth, which can be measured by an atmospheric pressure sensor. The air at the earth’s surface is affected by gravity, which creates atmospheric pressure.

The density of the air layer above the earth is not equal, because the atmospheric pressure is generated by the gravity of the air, the height of the air column above it is very small, the density is also very small, so the higher the distance from the ground, the lower the atmospheric pressure, the greater the density of the air near the ground. Under normal conditions, atmospheric pressure drops by 1mm hg for every 12m increase in altitude below 2km.

Humans are not sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure, and the effect is not noticeable unless there is a sudden ear anomaly while climbing mountains. However, ITAMnet is aware that the effects of changes in atmospheric pressure can occur in many other ways, particularly in sensitive industrial applications or experimental research.

Many research laboratories measure atmospheric pressure using a barometer in one facility and then use this data to replicate the same environmental conditions in another laboratory. For example, the atmospheric pressure measured in Beijing is significantly different from that measured in Shenzhen, so it will affect the results of an experiment or test unless it is measured in a complete vacuum. Another obvious example is cooking, because the boiling point of liquids is different at different atmospheric pressures, so at high altitudes cooking times should be adjusted accordingly.


Therefore, in order to meet the pressure requirements of different scenes, it is necessary to use atmospheric pressure sensors. Atmospheric pressure sensor is a pressure measuring device, which can convert measured pressure information into visual signal output according to relevant standards. For example, pressure sensors are used in atmospheric pressure monitoring systems.

atmospheric pressure sensor

With the gradual deepening of the prevention and control of air pollution, China’s air environment monitoring network, mainly consisting of urban air quality monitoring stations and regional air quality monitoring stations, has been constantly improved. Many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have begun to build environmental air quality monitoring stations.

The main function of air quality monitoring stations is to carry out 24-hour continuous online monitoring of conventional pollution factors and meteorological parameters in the air, providing analytical data to the Environmental Protection Bureau as a reference for air quality and assisting in environmental protection decision-making. However, in order to monitor air quality accurately and comprehensively, the development and application of gas pressure sensors are indispensable.

Product Introduction:

Atmospheric pressure sensor adopts high-precision measurement unit, built-in high-precision temperature compensation, high stability, small drift, high repeatability; Wall-mounted enclosures can be easily fixed to the wall. Suitable for small weather stations, altimeters, agricultural greenhouses, archives and other places where atmospheric pressure monitoring and temperature measurement are needed.