automatic weather station

agri weather station

portable weather station

rainfall monitoring system

wind speed sensor


smart watering systems

sprinkler irrigation

drip irrigation

water fertilizer machine

irrigation controller

Soil sensor

soil all sensor

soil conductivity sensor

soil npk sensor

soil sensor precise

soil sensor portable


agri monitoring system

agri control system

irrigation controller smart watering sprinkler controller

Plant monitor

spore trap monitoring

pest monitoring system

root scanner

fruit stem growth monitor


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  • soil sensor
  • irrigation equipment
  • Meteorological sensors

soil tester-Multi-parameter monitoring

Soil sensor, monitoring soil pH, EC, NPK, moisture and other parameters, accur……

soil PH sensor-High precision

The soil pH sensor can be placed in the soil for a long time to monitor the so……

soil NPK sensor-soil tester

The soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sensor can detect NPK in the soil,……

Soil multi-parameter tester

The soil multi-parameter tester can monitor soil PH, NPK, EC, moisture, temper……

Water and fertilizer integrated irrigation equipment

Water and fertilizer integrated irrigation equipment supports drip irrigation,……