agri monitoring system

agri control system

irrigation controller smart watering sprinkler controller


automatic weather station

agri weather station

portable weather station

rainfall monitoring system

wind speed sensor


smart watering systems

sprinkler irrigation

drip irrigation

water fertilizer machine

irrigation controller

Plant monitor

spore trap monitoring

pest monitoring system

root scanner

fruit stem growth monitor

Soil sensor

soil all sensor

soil conductivity sensor

soil npk sensor

soil sensor precise

soil sensor portable



IoT Smart Greenhouse Monitoring Solutions

The intelligent greenhouse solution aims to help farmers accurately measure various environmental parameters in the greenhouse, so as to achieve control and precise management of the environment.

Smart Agriculture Solution-Soil Sensor | Weather Station

smart agricultural solutions can realize intelligent perception, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making and intelligent analysis of the agricultural production environment.

Soil Moisture Monitoring System-Soil Moisture Sensor

The soil moisture monitoring system can achieve long-term continuous monitoring of soil moisture, rapid and accurate measurement, and provide important basic information for fertilization and irrigation.

Automatic irrigation system-drip irrigation-sprinkler irrigation

The automatic irrigation system automatically monitors the soil, climate and other environmental data, and the irrigation controller transmits wireless control signals to control the opening and closing of the solenoid valve and the irriga…