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Pest monitoring system helps monitor agricultural pests

User:JXCTUpload time:Apr 19 2022

How to prevent diseases and insect pests, become the key to this food defense battle. In traditional agriculture, we often rely on their own experience to control pest spraying. Obviously, this method brings great pressure to the agricultural environment. It will not only cause serious pesticide residues in agricultural products, but also lead to blocked sales of agricultural products. Therefore, in order to change such a situation, improve the alarm and comprehensive prevention and control ability of agricultural pest and alien biological invasion, and further improve the major pest monitoring system of agricultural pests, JXCT launched a pest monitoring system.

pest monitoring system
Product Introduction:

The pest monitoring system is an image – based insect monitoring and reporting tool. Insect scouting system compared with the traditional the telemetry for the lamp, the plant monitoring system is a combination of Internet technology and information transmission technology, can in the case of no regulation, can automatically complete the trap, insecticidal, insect body dispersion and take photos, transportation, collection, such as system operation, and can real time to agricultural plant pest is uploaded to the forwards to the platform, The types and quantities of identified bugs are displayed on the webpage, and the occurrence and development of insect pests are analyzed according to the results of identification.

The pest monitoring system of JXCT adopts 304 stainless steel, uses modern integrated counting of light, electricity and numerical control, and realizes the functions of automatic far infrared processing of insect body, coordinated transportation of conveyor belt and automatic operation of whole lamp. The system consists of trap system, treatment system (infrared pest killing, pest drying, tile transmission), shooting system, transmission system, agricultural pest situation measurement and report system.

Product advantages:

1, accurate. “Accurate” refers to accurate monitoring, insect situation monitoring system is a new generation of image type insect situation monitoring tool, the system can provide accurate monitoring data, in a certain range, different periods, can provide accurate and effective data support for the occurrence of insect pests.

2, green. “Green” refers to the prevention and control technology, is used to control pest using pesticides, environmental pollution and damage to the agricultural production environment, and now has plant monitoring system, the system USES the modern light, electricity, nc integrated count, implements the insect body infrared automatic processing, help to promote crop pest prevention and control of green technology, reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

3, system. “Unification” refers to the realization of unification in the form of prevention and control. After the upgrade of the pest monitoring system, the real-time environmental meteorological and pest situation can be uploaded to the designated agricultural pest monitoring and reporting platform. As long as the network is connected, all kinds of data related to the pest situation can be seen, which helps all regions actively promote professional unified control and ruling services.

The system can also be widely used in: farmland, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetable park, tobacco planting area, tea garden, medicinal plant planting area, garden, fruit park, urban green areas and other fields.

Only by placing hardware facilities in the field, we can understand the changes of insect situation in the field without leaving the house, and provide users with timely prevention guidance, so as to reduce the threat of insect pest to a low value and guarantee the steady improvement of agricultural productivity. Thus achieve environmental beauty, high grain output such dual agricultural development goals.