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Temperature and humidity sensor in highway weather monitoring station

User:JXCTUpload time:Apr 13 2022

We can use the highway weather monitoring station to do weather monitoring, reduce traffic accidents.

In recent years, the rapid development of Highway construction in China has improved people’s living standards and accelerated the speed of economic development, but modern transportation is restricted by meteorological conditions, summer high temperature exposure, will lead to car tire burst; When traveling in heavy rain, the vehicle is prone to sideslip. Winter fog snow, but also on the highway “the most deadly killer”.

All kinds of sudden meteorological disasters, drivers caught off guard, resulting in major traffic accidents, endangering the safety of driving personnel and driving, but also affect the economic benefits of the expressway itself, and further produce adverse social impact.

To ensure the traffic capacity of expressway under bad weather conditions is the goal of establishing automatic meteorological monitoring system of expressway, so as to pursue fast, efficient and safe traffic. The expressway automatic meteorological monitoring system consists of weather monitoring station, data transmission, data processing, road warning and other parts, which are distributed along the expressway and constitute the expressway automatic meteorological monitoring network.

highway weather monitoring station
Weather station Introduction:

Highway weather monitoring station can monitor the wind direction, wind speed, visibility, rainfall, temperature and humidity, road conditions (surface temperature, dry and wet conditions, icing) along the expressway, and upload these monitoring information to the monitoring center for reference by the traffic control system. When there is bad or extreme weather, warning information is issued, and in a variety of ways to inform the management personnel and drivers in advance, so as to improve the level of safe driving on the highway.

Product Introduction:

As an important part of the highway weather monitoring system, the measurement of temperature and humidity, an important parameter, needs to use temperature and humidity sensor. JXCT recommends a temperature and humidity sensor here:

The temperature and humidity sensor of JXCT adopts IP67 high density material, small volume, high protection level, moisture proof, dust proof, rain and snow proof, suitable for all kinds of harsh environment, to provide solid “armor” for the internal original of the sensor, to ensure the stable operation of the internal original, mostly used in factories, electric power, farming and animal husbandry and other places. Supports 4g, RS485, NB-iot, LORA, and Ethernet signal output to meet the requirements of different environments with low power consumption and stable performance.