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Irrigation controller to achieve increased agricultural benefits

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 18 2022

The good growth of crops is inseparable from the investment of advanced irrigation technology and equipment.

Lack of irrigation is likely to lead to insufficient nutrient supply for crop growth. In order to promote agricultural modernization, automation technology level, reasonable agricultural irrigation.

This paper suggests that intelligent irrigation controller should be applied to agricultural production to efficiently utilize irrigation water when crops need water according to the growth rule of crops, so as to increase agricultural benefits.

Working principle:

When the irrigation controller is working, the humidity sensor collects the dry humidity signal in the soil. And the detected humidity signal is converted through A/D module. The standard analog current signal is converted into digital humidity signal, which is input to the irrigation controller.

In the irrigation controller, 50%-60%RH is preset as the standard humidity value. Compared with 50%-60%RH, the humidity signal measured can be divided into three situations. Within this range, beyond this range and less than this range.

The irrigation controller then transmits the control signal to the inverter, which adjusts the motor speed according to the humidity value, and the motor drives the water pump to pump water from the water source.

When irrigation is needed, the solenoid valve will be automatically opened, and water will be delivered to the sprinkler head through the main pipe and branch pipe, and the sprinkler head will rotate automatically at its respective rotation Angle.

The solenoid valve closes automatically at the end of irrigation. In order to avoid the nozzle far from the water source cannot be supplied with sufficient pressure, install a pressure gauge on one side of the solenoid valve.

Ensure that the water pressure of each sprinkler head meets the set sprinkler irrigation range to avoid the phenomenon that the sprinkler range is reduced due to insufficient water pressure. The whole system coordinated the work to realize the intelligent control of lawn irrigation.

irrigation controller

(1) Stability: High stability, the overall system availability rate is greater than 99.7%, database application availability rate is greater than 99.8%, and regular maintenance.

(2) Easy operation: to provide friendly user management and use of the world.

(3) Reliability: during the system design, we should ensure the reliability of the system by selecting excellent products and adopting necessary technical means.

(4) Compatibility: Products of other companies can be produced on our platform according to our server protocol.

(5) “Thousand people and thousand Faces” : with privatized deployment, it also provides two entrances, normal entrance and neutral entrance. After entering from the neutral entrance, the interface information seen by customers is the information set by customers themselves

(6) wechat mini program: it is easy to check the status, data and binding location of the device through wechat.