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Automatic weather station manufacturer

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 26 2022

Multi-element automatic weather station participate in agricultural production and management. It improve the management level of meteorological services for agriculture, and promote the scientific and sustainable development of modern agriculture.

China is a large agricultural country and also a large population, so vigorously develop agriculture. In particular, the cultivation of characteristic agriculture is still the main development direction of China’s agriculture.

In the process of agricultural development, meteorological disaster is one of the factors that restrain agricultural development. Due to the lack of timely grasp of meteorological environment changes, agricultural losses have increased more than once.

Therefore, in order to ensure further production. It is necessary to improve the monitoring and early warning level of agricultural meteorological disasters.

The use of small weather stations is conducive to the intensification, standardization and branding of agricultural meteorological services for characteristic industries in various regions, and promotes the development of characteristic industries.

Automatic weather station

In order to avoid interference of meteorological elements by various factors during monitoring. Multi-parameter automatic weather stations should choose places with flat and open terrain and strong representative meteorological data.

Because the multi-parameter automatic weather station is used to measure the weather information such as wind speed and direction. Its location should avoid high buildings, so as to affect the accuracy of detection results.

Small weather station use sensors to measure various meteorological elements, so avoid places with large magnetic fields to ensure the accuracy of monitoring results.


Multi-factor automatic weather station improve the service level of meteorology for agriculture, and agriculture is obviously affected by meteorological disasters.

Among them, the most common meteorological disasters include low temperature, drought, rainstorm, flood and so on, which directly affect the output of agricultural production and the quality of crops.

It will not only have a direct impact on the growth and development of crops, but also have an indirect impact on soil, diseases and insects, so it is very necessary to strengthen meteorological monitoring in agricultural production.

Small weather stations for agricultural workers to understand and analyze the meteorological environment to provide a good technical support, through the way of data will directly show the results, convenient agricultural workers to take agricultural activities in advance, to prevent the impact of meteorological disasters.