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Spore catcher help scientifically combat crop diseases

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 10 2022

The occurrence of crop diseases will seriously hinder the normal growth and development of crops. Ultimately, it will lead to the reduction of agricultural output, poor quality, and even the death of crops.

It is necessary to take timely measures to control the disease. And before that, it is necessary to monitor the occurrence of the disease to facilitate timely and effective control.

Can avoid bad results caused by pesticide misuse or overuse. So, how to monitor and alarm crop disease?

The traditional way of monitoring is based on manual investigation, relying on observation and experience to judge. Today, spore traps can be used to monitor and prevent crop diseases.

Spore catcher introduction:

The spore catcher detects the dynamic situation of the spore stock and its diffusion by collecting the spores and flower dust particles of the disease pathogen in the air flow or infection.

spore catcher

It provides reliable disease monitoring data for predicting and preventing disease epidemic and infection.

The ordinary spore capture instrument requires manual observation of the spore collection glass slide under the microscope of the equipment, while the intelligent spore capture instrument can automatically take microscopic pictures to obtain spores.

The images can be viewed via mobile phones or computers to identify and count spores.

It is widely used in monitoring various kinds of air-borne crop diseases. And it is a special equipment for monitoring crop diseases that should be equipped by agricultural plant protection departments.


The application of spore catcher can not only reduce manpower input, but also improve the work efficiency of crop disease monitoring. Can help the staff to discover the occurrence of disease in time, facilitate early prevention.

At the same time, the spore species and spore stock were identified by analyzing the captured spore. It can be used to guide farmers to use drugs scientifically, effectively prevent and control various diseases and reduce agricultural production losses.

Scientific use of pesticides is also conducive to reduce the use of pesticides, thus reducing agricultural environmental pollution and pesticides on the quality of agricultural products and soil.