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Pest monitoring system help control pests

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 28 2021

In contrast to pest monitoring system, traditional agricultural practices have relied too heavily on chemical pesticides for pest control. This has caused a serious impact on the agricultural environment and the safety of agricultural products.

The development requirement of pest control at present stage is to break the backward concept of spraying pesticide to control pests and diseases.

We will strengthen monitoring and early warning of diseases and insect pests and get a better understanding of the situation.

Accelerate the shift from chemical pest control to green pest control.

However, the traditional pest monitoring adopts manual monitoring method, which is low in efficiency and poor in accuracy. It can not meet the actual work needs of modern agricultural pest monitoring and early warning.

Using the pest monitoring system can be real-time automation, intelligent remote monitoring of insect pests, can be used for crop pest control.

Insect monitoring system can help to do a good job in monitoring. It effectively improve the level and effect of insect monitoring and early warning.

pest monitoring system
Benefits of a bug monitoring system:

Taking situation monitoring as an example, the pest monitoring system uploads pest monitoring data to the cloud platform in real time through the Internet of Things to realize cloud data analysis and management.

Through the statistics of the number of corresponding pests, combined with the time, place and other relevant information, the trend chart of the occurrence of pests can be intuitively displayed.

The application of pest monitoring system can greatly improve the efficiency of pest monitoring, early warning and data scheduling.

The automation of forecast information analysis can effectively shorten the forecast period of pests and diseases and improve the ability of rapid response. At the same time, improve the forecast accuracy, improve the scientific guidance ability of major pest control.

Promote the development of pest monitoring and early warning to modernization and informatization. It ensure the safety of agricultural production, quality and agricultural ecology.