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Introduction to intelligent irrigation controller

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 30 2021

With the continuous development of society, in order to better promote agricultural water saving and agricultural sustainable development.

We will carry out comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices nationwide, and gradually establish a system to control the total amount of water used for agricultural irrigation and to manage its quota. Mainly in well irrigation area installation of intelligent well irrigation control cabinet.

China is a large agricultural country and the country with the largest population. Per capita water resources are very small, among which agricultural water occupies a relatively high proportion and the waste situation is serious.

So, right now, the overall focus is on water saving irrigation, both to meet plant needs and to achieve rational use of water. At this time, professional water-saving irrigation equipment manufacturers can be relied on. And their independently developed equipment can better meet the needs.

irrigation controller

JXCT is your reliable partner. The smart irrigation controller can meet your needs in one stop. Next, let’s go and have a look.

Introduction to irrigation controller:

JXCT aims to create a fine irrigation system of water and fertilizer. JXCT provides professional intelligent irrigation solutions, covering landscaping irrigation, agricultural irrigation and fertilizer integration, realizing remote automatic irrigation and precise irrigation, and perfectly combining irrigation and iot sensing technology to improve production efficiency and save manpower and resources.

Compared with the traditional artificial irrigation management method, 4G online irrigation controller saves manpower greatly. It can realize timed and quantitative irrigation.

In fields equipped with 4G irrigation controllers, farmers simply tap their phones at home to set up irrigation data. And the machine automatically irrigates.

At the same time, a camera on the machine takes and transmits pictures of the scene, so that farmers can check the irrigation level in real time, which is very convenient.

4G wireless automatic irrigation controller has the functions of instant control, delay control, timing control, linkage control and mutual exclusion control, saying goodbye to the limitation of traditional automatic irrigation which can only be applied to the agricultural field.

4G wireless automatic irrigation controller is compact, well built and powerful! Let automatic irrigation into more fields, for all kinds of irrigation planting scene efficient empowerment! The liberation of manpower, so that the automatic watering of the era of earlier.