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Automatic weather station monitoring parameters

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 24 2021

Developing characteristic agriculture is the main trend of modern agriculture development. Automatic weather station play an important role in regional climate change monitoring.

It is well known that climate change has a direct impact on agricultural production. Meteorological change is one of the most difficult major disasters to grasp and prevent.

Therefore, in order to further ensure production. It is necessary to improve the service level of agro-meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning.

The establishment of automatic weather stations is helpful to improve the precision of agricultural meteorological services in characteristic agricultural producing areas and promote the large-scale development of characteristic agriculture.

Automatic weather station
What are the measurable parameters:

Automatic weather station can measure the parameters of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, illumination, rainfall, evaporation and other conventional meteorological parameters.

At the same time. It can also be added according to user needs of carbon dioxide concentration, soil temperature and humidity sensor detection.

In simple terms, automatic weather station can monitor a variety of conventional weather elements. Or can be added independently according to the actual needs of users.

The application of automatic weather stations can effectively help the smooth development of meteorological disaster prevention and reduce the economic losses caused by meteorological disasters to agriculture and other fields.


The application of small automatic weather stations in agricultural meteorological monitoring can not only provide important meteorological data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction for mobile phones, but also check and manage these monitoring data in real time.

So that farmers can grasp the change of agricultural microclimate in real time.

Product Introduction:

An automatic weather station is a meteorological observation station built in a certain area according to the needs of users, which can automatically detect multiple environmental elements without manual intervention.

The data can be connected with the computer through the professional data acquisition communication line, and the data can be transmitted to the meteorological computer meteorological database, which is convenient for statistical analysis and processing.