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Introduction of automatic rainfall monitoring station

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 29 2021

Water and rain monitoring system is an important non – engineering measure for controlling mountain flood disaster. Set information collection, transmission, analysis and warning in one. The early warning information is timely and accurately transmitted on the ground, so that the areas that may be affected can take measures in time. Minimize loss of life and property. Automatic rainfall stations can be used for meteorological monitoring.Automatic rainfall monitoring station can better understand weather conditions.

Rainfall Monitoring System-
Rainfall Monitoring System
Introduction of automatic rainfall monitoring equipment

Automatic rainfall monitoring station is a special equipment for outdoor rainfall measurement. Automatic rainfall monitoring station can collect rainfall (total rainfall + instantaneous rainfall + daily Rainfall + current rainfall), wind speed, wind direction and shutter frames. The solar system is used for power supply, built-in large-capacity maintenance-free batteries, and the rainfall monitoring station is mainly used for forest fire prevention, mountain flood detection, field surveying and other scenarios.

The rainfall monitoring station consists of seven main parts. Monitoring platform, acquisition system, communication system, sensor system, power supply system, field monitoring system and mechanical installation system. Rainfall monitoring stations can simultaneously measure temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall and other meteorological environment elements. Combine actual landscape measurements with LED displays. The user adopts an open and friendly design concept, and the user can change the collaboration between the components and modules. In this way, data acquisition, processing methods and observation elements can be rapidly implemented. The difference between the design of the rainfall monitoring station and the design of the weather station is that the rainfall monitoring station has a rain barrel.The rain gauge adopts ABS shell, mechanical bistable structure and special four core shielded waterproof wire.The rain gauge adopts ABS shell, mechanical bistable structure and special four core shielded waterproof wire.