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Discussion on meteorological monitoring station

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 29 2021

The sensor part of meteorological monitoring station is mainly used to detect various meteorological elements. A meteorological sensor corresponds to a meteorological monitoring element. The sensor of the meteorological station observation instrument is not fixed, which can be selected according to the needs of the monitoring area and meteorological monitoring requirements. The main function of the collector and transmission module of the meteorological station is to collect and transmit the monitored meteorological element data. Meteorological data monitored by sensors are collected through the collector, and then transmitted through the transmission module. The monitoring data is transmitted to the background management platform. It is convenient to view, analyze and sort out all meteorological data uniformly.

The main function of the support of meteorological monitoring station is to support other parts of the observation instruments of meteorological station. Because weather stations are long-term applications in wild harsh environments. So the bracket is generally made of stainless steel raw materials, anti-interference, anti-corrosion strong. For long-term field work. The function of solar panels and batteries in weather stations is mainly to supply the required electric power for observation instruments in weather stations. So that weather stations can carry out round-the-clock monitoring work.

Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station
Weather stations

Integrated meteorological monitoring stations provide meteorological monitoring and early warning services for agricultural production, scientific research and meteorological monitoring. We will improve our defense against meteorological disasters and reduce disaster losses. The integrated meteorological monitoring station can obtain real-time air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, light intensity, rainfall and other meteorological parameters. Long-term used for field environment monitoring, to help production management personnel avoid natural disasters. To guide crop production and management and improve the quality and profitability of agricultural production. The integrated meteorological monitoring station plays an important role in guiding agricultural activities.