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Significance of agrometeorological environment monitoring station in agricultural planting

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 29 2021

Agricultural meteorological monitoring station is familiar to everyone. Agrometeorological environment comprehensive monitoring station is established on the basis of meteorological station. It is used for monitoring meteorological elements in agricultural planting, ocean, campus, industrial production and other fields. Through the accurate monitoring of agricultural planting meteorological elements, agricultural planting can provide reference data support. And provide a relatively suitable growth environment to increase the conversion rate of resource utilization. With the development of planting industry and science and technology, greenhouse planting is more and more common in agricultural planting. The intelligent greenhouse system plays an important part in greenhouse planting.

Agricultural Weather Station
Agricultural Weather Station
Agrometeorological environment monitoring station

The Agricultural weather station (Agricultural weather monitoring system) is a comprehensive small-scale automatic weather monitoring system designed for real-time monitoring of agricultural ecological environment, environmental monitoring related to agricultural production activities, and farmland meteorological environment regulation. It can continuously monitor and collect information on Agricultural environmental factors such as soil, moisture, light, heat, etc. It can comprehensively monitor the growth status of crops and soil moisture in farmland, and grasp the growth of crops in time. When crops are restricted due to these factors, Users can react quickly and take emergency precautions.

Multiple transmission modes: support 485 output mode (default), 4G, Ethernet output mode.Solar power system, 24 hours power supply.The 7-inch touch control panel displays all the readings of the weather station in real time;Adjustable size, real-time collected weather data and other set information.The weather station can be equipped with monitoring, automatic photographing, video uploading platform, convenient to observe the actual growth of plants.Tripod pole; upright pole bracket is optional.