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What are the soil moisture measuring instruments

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 08 2021

The development of precision agriculture and the global need to conserve water determine the need for rational soil treatment. It requires the use of more or less sophisticated soil environmental monitoring systems equipped with different types of sensors. The state of soil water in particular is the most challenging. With the development of the Agricultural Internet of Things. Different soil moisture measurement instruments can be developed according to different application scenarios. Now let’s see what kinds of instruments are available to measure soil moisture content.

soil moisture measurement
soil moisture measurement
Introduction of soil moisture measurement instruments

Soil moisture sensors contribute to good irrigation management. Good irrigation management can provide better crops, use fewer inputs, and improve profitability. Soil moisture sensors help irrigators understand what is happening in crop root zones. The soil moisture sensors commonly used in soil moisture monitoring and irrigation soil moisture monitoring are FDR and TDR, namely frequency domain and time domain. FDR frequency domain reflector is a kind of instrument used to measure soil moisture. It has the advantages of simple and safe, fast and accurate, fixed point continuous, automation, wide range and less calibration.

The working principle of the soil tensiometer is to measure the suction pressure at the porous tip of the tensiometer. Water is drawn out of or into the nozzle, depending on the amount of water available. This creates a suction that represents the force the plant needs to extract water from the soil. Measurements can be made by manually reading a vacuum gauge or automatically reading using a logging pressure sensor. To maintain the tensimeter, check the bubbles and refill the fluid used to create a vacuum in the tensimeter.

Soil moisture measurement instruments have been widely used in water-saving agricultural irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil speed measurement, plant culture, scientific experiments and other fields. Through the soil temperature and humidity sensor can easily grasp the soil moisture changes. Thus better completion of crop growth to help.