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Use soil pH sensors to measure soil pH numbers for plants and gardens

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 08 2021

Chemically, soil pH affects nutrient availability and absorption. PH control maximizes fertilizer efficiency by controlling nutrient bioavailability. Therefore, the best way to improve soil health is to use soil pH sensors to measure soil pH.Soil pH sensor is a soil monitoring instrument for measuring soil pH. It measures the pH of the soil by inserting two stainless steel probes vertically into the soil. Soil pH sensor supports RS485, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V and other transmission modes.

Soil pH sensor
Introduction of soil pH sensor

Soil pH sensor has high measurement accuracy, up to ±0.3 pH accuracy, very fast response speed. The electrodes are made of specially treated alloy materials that can withstand strong external shocks and are not easily damaged. The sensor housing is fully sealed, waterproof, acid and alkali corrosion resistant, and can be buried in the soil for long-term monitoring.

Soil pH rapid measuring instrument(soil PH sensor), a good solution to the traditional measurement of soil pH value need to be equipped with professional display instrument, calibration cumbersome, difficult integration, low precision, expensive, difficult to carry and other shortcomings, change the traditional measurement method, promote the development of modern agriculture, scientific planting, improve yield.Soil sensor is suitable for farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, all kinds of horticultural soil testing, support parameter free customization, multi in one soil sensor customization.

Soil PH sensor. It is a good solution to the traditional soil PH value need to be equipped with professional display instrument. Calibration is cumbersome and integration is difficult. Large power consumption, expensive, difficult to carry and other disadvantages. New soil PH sensor, using advanced FDR measurement method. The real realization of soil PH value online real-time monitoring.