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The advantages of bug situation detector

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 08 2021

Insect situation detector mainly uses modern optical, electrical, numerical control technology, wireless transmission technology, Internet of things technology.Construct a set of pest ecological monitoring and early warning system. Set pest trapping and photography, environmental information collection, data transmission, data analysis in one. The trap, classified statistics, real time transmission and remote detection of pests are realized. Automation and intelligentization of pest early warning and control guidance. At the same time, it has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation and flexible setting.

Insect situation detector
Insect situation detector
The advantages of bug situation detector

The fatality rate should not be less than 98%, and the completion rate should not be less than 95%. At the same time to eliminate pesticides and chemicals on the health of personnel caused by the invasion, as well as the surrounding environment caused by pollution. Automatic rain control technology can effectively separate rain from insects. Automatic light control technology can realize automatic light at night, automatic light off during the day. And in the night working state, not by the instantaneous glare to change the working state. Built-in 5 megapixel camera, to ensure that every time the temptation of insects are not confused. Each device is equipped with GPS positioning, which can be displayed in the remote platform interface, which is convenient for users to view and has anti-theft function.

The installation position of the detection cabinet should be flat and hard cement platform. Avoid installation and use in high temperature or sub-zero temperature zone. Try to stay away from high-power interference equipment to avoid affecting the normal operation of equipment, such as frequency converters/motors.

The pest monitoring system realizes the automation and intelligence of pest trapping, classification statistics, real-time transmission, remote detection, pest early warning and control guidance.