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Choose the appropriate soil moisture transmitter manufacturer

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 02 2021

Soil moisture transmitter is a sensor that can measure soil moisture at any point in the soil. It is a sensor based on the principle of dielectric constant. It can monitor soil moisture in different soil layers quickly, accurately and comprehensively.Soil moisture plays an important role in the growth of crops. Soil moisture transmitter can accurately detect moisture changes in soil. Test data to improve the soil, so that crops in the best living environment. This improves yields and greatly facilitates the customer’s systematic assessment of soil conditions.

soil water potential sensor
soil water potential sensor
Soil moisture transmitter

Soil water potential sensors monitor soil moisture at different levels in real time. The plastic tube moves up and down to realize the dynamic observation equipment of soil moisture content in each soil layer, using the standard ModBUS protocol. Soil moisture sensor is a practical means to measure soil moisture by using negative pressure meter and soil tension meter is a practical means to study soil moisture movement from the perspective of energy. Soil tension meter is a very practical instrument to reflect soil moisture and guide irrigation. The soil water tension measured by the soil tensiometer is the suction of soil to water.

Soil tension meter is widely used in agricultural planting, fruit tree base, vineyard, smart planting and other soil moisture detection sites. Soil tensiometer can be customized, the length can be customized according to customer requirements. Soil water potential monitoring requires the selection of suitable measurement sites. According to the depth to be measured, and according to the size of the hole test. The pit was filled in and the measuring instrument began to work. After a period of stability, continuous measurement and recording can be carried out for several days, months or even longer.Jingxun is your trusted partner, in order to better meet your needs, we have been working hard.