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Introduction of portable soil testing instrument

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 02 2021

Portable soil testing instrument. Using the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international detection technology design into a new intelligent handheld detector. A large full-color LCD screen can display readings in real time. The detection circuit designed by the digital chip of the international big factory can achieve very high sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The shell adopts industrial special high strength composite plastic, strength master sense is good. The detector is widely used in petrochemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, mining, agriculture, experiment, mapping and other industries.Multifunctional soil detector is mainly used to detect soil moisture, salt, pH value, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, temperature.

Soil sensor
Soil sensor
Advantages of portable soil testing instrument

Portable soil testing instrument has multi-functional buttons. For example: single point recording, start/stop recording with a variety of units switching rich man-machine interface. Based on the latest embedded design of the full color interface, you can query, record, display data data display mode. Single digital + instrument display, a variety of measurement data set display. Optional real-time curve display. The optional data storage function supports 4MB data storage. Excel can export data to the computer, and print, edit, icon display functions.

Soil multi-parameter rapid measurement platform is mainly used for testing soil moisture, salt, pH value, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, temperature test. Greatly alleviated all over the country farmer friend test soil formula fertilization demand. At the same time, it also provides a reliable basis for fertilizer production enterprises to realize specialization, systematization, informationization and datalization. It is the first choice instrument for agricultural departments to test soil and formula fertilization. It is widely used in agricultural testing centers at all levels, agricultural research institutions, fertilizer production, agricultural materials management, agricultural technology services, planting bases and other fields.Factory direct sales, no middlemen add prices, the price is more close to the people. Welcome to buy.