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Pest monitoring system provides effective service for pest control in modern agriculture

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 01 2021

Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the prevention and control of insect pests. Its prevention and control method is also a variety of, but the main prevention and control method or pesticide control. Many farmers blindly use a large number of pesticides before they understand the characteristics of pest occurrence. The agricultural production environment has been seriously threatened, and the human health has also caused a serious threat. The input and application of insect monitoring system have solved these problems to a certain extent. Through monitoring and collecting information, the occurrence and development of insect pests are analyzed and predicted, which provides effective service for the prevention and control of modern agricultural insect pests.

At present, agricultural monitoring and early warning work can be said to be accompanied by agricultural development. Especially in the work of pest control, the monitoring and early warning of pest is particularly important. Many pests are very aggressive and can cause serious damage to crops. In severe cases, it can even lead to crop failure.

Pest monitoring system
Pest monitoring system
The role of pest monitoring system

The insect monitoring system can automatically identify the black moth, curve moth, cricket, chafer, borer, rice leaf roller and other insect bodies. Insect monitoring system and insect killing lamp are important tools for monitoring and early warning in the field of agricultural diseases and insect pests.

People used to use pesticides to control insect pests, polluting the environment and harming the agricultural production environment. But now has the insect situation monitoring system, realizes the insect body far infrared automatic processing. It will help to promote the green prevention and control technology of crop pests and reduce the use of chemical pesticides.After the upgrade, the monitoring system can upload real-time environmental weather and insect pest information to the designated smart agriculture cloud platform. As long as the Internet is connected, all kinds of data related to the disease can be seen, which will help each region actively promote smart agricultural services.