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Smart agriculture based on the Internet of Things is constantly developing

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 01 2021

Smart agriculture solutions, smart irrigation and smart breeding have emerged, leading people to the new road of technological Internet of things.

The production, management, management and service of modern agriculture urgently call for the support of information technology.With the continuous development of the Internet of Things. The development of smart agriculture is becoming more and more stable.

Smart Agriculture Solution
Smart Agriculture Solution
Wisdom agriculture

Agriculture is one of the key application fields of Internet of Things technology, and it is also the field with the most urgent demand, the most difficult and the most obvious integration characteristics of Internet of Things technology application. Below we say what is intelligent agricultural intelligent system through some application scenarios.

It can provide the overall solution of Internet of Things intelligent agriculture system for agricultural planting. Agricultural planting greenhouses through the intelligent agricultural system wireless temperature and humidity collection unit. Monitor the air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, CO2 and other parameters in the greenhouse to remind abnormal situations.It can monitor temperature and humidity information in greenhouse farm. Through humidifying device, air changing device to adjust the farm environment, to achieve scientific breeding of animal husbandry. Provide the overall solution of Internet of Things intelligent agriculture system for animal husbandry.

Through the intelligent agricultural system intelligent wireless displacement monitor, effective management. Electronic fence can be set up, and the monitoring platform will give a timely warning when the herd leaves the fence. Effectively solve the hidden dangers of animal husbandry. Scientific management of herds has been realized.

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