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Smart greenhouse solutions and smart agriculture

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 26 2021

In recent years, greenhouses in the overall intelligence plays a more and more important role in agricultural development, the rapid development of greenhouses, let winter tomatoes, cucumber, Jiao melon, sponge gourd, west blue flower vegetables such as became a common existence on the dining table, this way not only satisfy the People’s Daily life also let people dishes on the table is not needed for simplification, enriched with eutrophication.

To want to improve the output of the fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, will provide the suitable for crop production environment and the growing conditions, it can meet the demand of plant growth, make plants grow better, timely grasp of air inside the greenhouse temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity changes, etc, to make the necessary adjustment, This way can better control the monitoring of the specific conditions of the greenhouses, here will have to talk about the benefits of intelligent equipment, with the rapid development of Internet of things, this kind of intelligent devices, such as soil temperature and humidity, soil NPK sensors play an important role, such as equipment manufacturers have a lot of on the market, it is important to choose, Jingxun is a equipment manufacturer with many years of experience, can better meet your needs, you can fully trust the partner.

Greenhouse solutions
Greenhouse solutions
Greenhouse solutions and smart agriculture

Intelligent greenhouse control system with accurate information can obtain real-time and remote air temperature and humidity. Soil moisture temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and video images inside the greenhouse, and automatically control the greenhouse wet curtain fan, sprinkler irrigation, internal and external shading, top window and side window, heating and lighting equipment. The smart greenhouse solution can control and adjust the environmental index in the greenhouse at any time, provide the precise cultivation environment for plants in the greenhouse, effectively improve the growth speed and growth quality, and increase the output value. Intelligent greenhouse monitoring system is based on the real-time growth environment information of plants obtained by wireless network, such as monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity and other parameters through various types of sensors.