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greenhouses and The origin of intelligent agriculture

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 26 2021

Shouguang is known as the “universe shouguang”, what kind of charm does he have in the end? Let’s explore it today.There are two main reasons. On the one hand, shouguang people sent vegetable seeds into space, cultivating the famous “space yellow light”;Another reason is that Shouguang is an extremely important vegetable city.and California, Lansing, Netherlands, And Almeria, Spain, as the world’s four largest vegetable bases.Today we can still eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in winter are all thanks to the invention of Shouguang “winter warm” vegetable greenhouses.With this greenhouse, many out-of-season fruits such as green peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers in winter can be bought and eaten in our daily home.which not only meets the dietary needs but also provides the required nutrition..

Greenhouse system and intelligent agricultural equipment

Winter warming vegetable greenhouse is a greenhouse based on intelligent agriculture system, which can better meet the production needs of plants.Allowing plants to grow in a suitable environment even in harsh conditions can improve productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural products. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, smart agriculture is developing even better. Greenhouse system and intelligent agricultural equipment development rapidly, so choose the most appropriate equipment manufacturers is a big step to success.

Jingxun Unimpeded is an equipment manufacturer with many years of experience in the Internet of things. The intelligent greenhouse cloud platform with smooth information collects and updates the greenhouse environment status in real time. The greenhouse manager can view the greenhouse environment through the remote APP. When the temperature in the greenhouse is too high or other conditions occur, timely warning, control linkage equipment to adjust, to achieve high yield of greenhouse crops.

The smart greenhouse solution can control and adjust the environmental index in the greenhouse at any time, providing an environment for the accurate cultivation of plants in the greenhouse. Can effectively improve the growth speed and growth quality, increase output value. Intelligent greenhouse monitoring system is based on the real-time growth environment information of plants obtained by wireless network. such as monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity and other parameters through various types of sensors.