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The role of light sensor in smart agriculture

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 21 2021

In modern agriculture, with the development of IoT smart agriculture. Many agricultural sensors have appeared in agricultural environmental monitoring. Among them, the illuminance sensor is one of the more important ones. The illuminance sensor measures the light intensity, which will affect the photosynthesis of crops. This in turn affects the yield of crops. In smart agricultural planting, the illuminance sensor can detect the light intensity information during the growth of crops. The technician can measure the data through the illuminance sensor. To determine whether you need to increase or decrease the illuminance. Make the light intensity reach the optimal growth configuration of crops. Increase the rate of crop photosynthesis and increase the yield of crops.


The illuminance sensor is a sensor that converts the magnitude of the illuminance into an electrical signal. Light is an indispensable condition for photosynthesis. Under certain conditions, when the light intensity increases. The intensity of photosynthesis will also increase. But when the light intensity exceeds the limit. The stomata on the leaf surface of the plant will close. The intensity of photosynthesis will decrease. Therefore, the use of illuminance sensors to control illuminance has become an important factor affecting crop yields.

Jingxun Changtong sensor is widely used in agricultural greenhouses. Flower cultivation and other occasions that require monitoring of light and temperature and humidity. Input power in the sensor, sensor probe. The three parts of signal output are completely isolated. It is safe and reliable, beautiful in appearance and easy to install. The output is in the form of analog quantity, and the method is flexible. It can output current type or voltage type, and the wiring can adopt three-wire or four-wire system.

 illuminance sensor
illuminance sensor

It uses a high-sensitivity photosensitive probe. The signal is stable and the accuracy is high. It has a wide measuring range and good linearity. Good waterproof performance, easy to use and easy to install. Features such as long transmission distance. It is widely used in smart agriculture.