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Working principle of rain sensor

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 21 2021
Rain sensor

The Rain sensor measures the rainfall at a certain time and a certain place. And the rainfall is converted into the rainfall measured by the physical signal. Rainfall sensors include various forms such as single tipping bucket, double tipping bucket, and multiple tipping buckets. It is suitable for matching various large and small weather stations, hydrological stations, agriculture, environmental protection, forestry and other related testing departments. Provide original data for flood control, water supply dispatching, power station and reservoir water regime management.

 rain sensor
rain sensor
Working principle of rain sensor

The rain sensor is the sensor’s reservoir to collect rainwater and enter the upper tipping bucket through the funnel. When the rainfall accumulates to a certain amount, it is due to the gravity of the water itself. The upper tipping bucket is turned over, and the water enters the water collecting funnel. When rainwater is injected into the tipping bucket from the throttling tube of the confluence funnel. Adjust the natural rainfall of different intensities to a relatively uniform intensity of heavy rainfall. In order to reduce the measurement error caused by different rainfall intensities.

When the rainfall during storage and reception of the measuring hopper is 0.1mm. The metering bucket of the rain sensor dumps the rainfall to the metering bucket. Turn the metering bucket once. It is calculated that when the tipping bucket is turned over, the scanning tube of the magnetic steel pair associated with it is instantly closed due to magnetization. In this way, the rainfall sensor will send out a signal every time the rain arrives.

The rain-bearing opening of the independently developed rain sensor is fully compliant with the national standard. It is made of ABS engineering plastics, with small finish and small errors caused by stagnant water. Various output modes such as rs485/analog, 4G, NB-IOT and LORA are available for your choice. Can better meet different needs. It is used to measure the rainfall in nature and at the same time convert the rainfall into digital information output in the form of on-off value. To meet the needs of information transmission, processing, recording and display. Factory direct sales, the price is more close to the people, the quality is guaranteed, and the materials are exquisite, making people more assured.