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The Function of Soil Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Agricultural Greenhouse Planting

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 24 2021

Soil temperature sensors play a very important role in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is mainly used to provide suitable environmental conditions for the growth of plants. In order to achieve the purpose of cultivation in unsuitable seasons and geographical conditions. The temperature and humidity of the greenhouse directly determine the yield and quality of greenhouse crops. Affect the growth and yield of cultivated crops. The high-precision soil temperature and humidity sensor is also known as the soil temperature sensors. It is mainly used to measure the relative temperature and humidity of the soil. Connecting the temperature and humidity indicator will display the value of temperature and humidity. You can view the temperature and humidity changes in the greenhouse in real time. Quickly, accurately and comprehensively monitor the soil moisture of different soil layers.

Soil temperature sensors
Soil temperature sensors
The important effect of soil temperature and humidity on plant growth:

High temperature or low temperature will affect the organic matter of the soil microorganisms to decompose fertilizer. Affect plant growth. Excessive moisture will affect the air permeability of the soil, resulting in hypoxia or root rot. If the water content is too low to meet the growth requirements of the job, salinization will cause soil compaction. A large number of tear marks appeared, causing the death of plant roots. In summary, the soil temperature and humidity sensor is very important for the soil environment required for crop growth.

The role of soil temperature and humidity sensor:

The soil temperature and humidity sensor independently developed by Jingxunchang uses the principle of FDR frequency domain reflection. According to the frequency of electromagnetic waves propagating in the medium, it measures the apparent permittivity of the soil. Mainly used to measure the relative temperature and humidity of the soil. Used for soil moisture monitoring and agricultural irrigation and forestry protection. It is widely used in water-saving irrigation, flowers and vegetables, greenhouses, grassland pastures, plant cultivation and other scenes.