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The significance of soil tensiometer for irrigation

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 24 2021

With the continuous development of information technology, agricultural technology has also undergone transformation and innovation in different areas. In terms of farmland water-saving irrigation, information tools are also used to innovate farmland efficient water-saving irrigation automation technology. It not only reduces the manpower cost, but also improves the irrigation efficiency. At the same time, the issue of irrigation water is also an important factor in demand interference with water-saving irrigation. Water is an indispensable and precious resource for mankind. The lack of water sources seriously affects human consumption and life. From the perspective of long-term benefits, it is necessary to vigorously develop water-saving irrigation. So let us talk about what is a soil tensiometer. And the meaning of soil tensiometer for irrigation!

What is a soil tensiometer?

The soil water tension measured by the soil tensiometer is the suction force of the soil to water. The wetter the soil, the lower the suction power for water; the opposite is greater. When the soil moisture increases until all the voids are filled with water, the soil water tension will drop to zero. In other words, the soil moisture content has reached saturation at this time. The saturated water content of various soils is inconsistent in terms of weight water content and volume water content. But for soil water tension, it is consistent with zero. The capillary rupture moisture content of various soils is also inconsistent, while the soil tension is almost the same. A variety of soils are within the range from saturated moisture content to capillary rupture moisture content.

The effect and influence of soil water on crops are basically the same. Under the same soil water tension index, different soils have different moisture contents. However, the same soil water energy index is consistent with crop physiological water requirements and root absorption.


At present, it is customary to use soil moisture content to guide agricultural irrigation. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the relationship between soil moisture content and soil water tension based on measured data. With this relationship, the corresponding soil moisture content can be known at any time according to the observed soil water tension. The soil water tension index obtained from the experiment can guide farmland irrigation. When conditions permit, irrigation can also be automatically controlled according to soil water tension indicators. In this way, it is no longer necessary to use the drying method to determine the soil moisture content. Thereby greatly reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

For this reason, it is necessary to promote the improvement of agricultural irrigation technology. With the soil moisture tensiometer, the farm can change according to the value on the tensiometer meter. According to the weather conditions, determine the irrigation time and irrigation volume. Thereby saving water and improving production efficiency.