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Smart greenhouse system

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 24 2021
What is a smart greenhouse?

The smart greenhouse solution is based on the real-time monitoring of fields with precision agricultural sensors. And use cloud computing, data mining and other technologies for multi-level analysis. Improve the responsiveness of agricultural production to the natural environment. Transform traditional agriculture at a disadvantage into efficient modern industries. Agricultural environmental monitoring mainly monitors and captures temperature, air humidity, and ultraviolet intensity. And the total solar radiation, PH value, wind speed, wind direction, wind force, rainfall and insect status. The farmland can be monitored in real time through meteorological equipment. So what are the functions of the smart greenhouse?

 smart greenhouse
smart greenhouse
The functions of Jingxun Changtong Smart Greenhouse:

First, real-time monitoring. Remotely view the real-time environmental data of the greenhouse through the computer and mobile phone. Including air humidity, air temperature, soil temperature, and soil moisture. And environmental information closely related to crop growth, such as light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, and oxygen concentration. View the real-time video of the greenhouse remotely through the computer and mobile phone. View the greenhouse access control management records, view the video, and understand the status of the greenhouse anytime, anywhere.

Second, the intelligent alarm can flexibly set the upper and lower thresholds of different environmental parameters for each greenhouse. Once the threshold is exceeded, the system can alert the administrator through mobile phone text messages, system messages, etc. according to the configuration. Ensure that the crop growing environment is normal. The alarm content can be flexibly set. Different reminders can be set for different users to meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent.

Third, remote automatic control. The greenhouse remote automatic control system adopts advanced Internet of Things and automation technology. As well as professional operation and maintenance, users can control greenhouse equipment anytime and anywhere without leaving home. Improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. Self-defined rules, the equipment of the entire greenhouse is automatically controlled according to changes in the environment. The environment of the greenhouse is always in the state most suitable for the growth of crops.

Fourth, historical data analysis. Through different conditions, you can query historical data that users want to know. The curve can be viewed intuitively, which plays a positive role in the accumulation of users’ agricultural knowledge. The system relies on a powerful background cloud operation and maintenance platform. Through big data analysis, it can help users analyze environmental parameters that are more suitable for crop growth. Provide a certain reference for users’ future production behavior.