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Significance of portable weather station to greenhouse culture

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 24 2021

In the greenhouse environment, temperature and humidity are very important climatic conditions. Too high or low temperature and humidity are not conducive to the growth of crops. Meteorological station can be closely related to vegetation and crop growth. Agro-meteorological environmental factors such as soil, moisture, light, and heat are continuously monitored to collect information. It can comprehensively monitor the growth status of crops and the environment of the greenhouse. Keep abreast of the growth of crops in the greenhouse in time. When the growth of crops is restricted due to climatic conditions, farmers can respond quickly. Take emergency precautions. Therefore, use portable weather station o monitor. Items such as ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and air pressure are very necessary.

The role of the portable weather station:

From so many practical applications. The portable weather station has a great effect on farmland, greenhouses and greenhouses. It can continuously monitor and collect information on agro-meteorological environmental factors such as soil, moisture, light, and heat that are closely related to vegetation and crop growth. It can comprehensively monitor the growth status of crops and soil moisture in farmland. Keep abreast of field growth in time. When the growth of Datian is restricted due to these factors, users can respond quickly and take emergency precautions.

The function of agrometeorological station to monitor meteorological elements is mainly realized by sensors. For example, there are wind speed sensors for wind speed, and temperature sensors for temperature monitoring. Each meteorological element is sensed by the corresponding sensor. The data collected by the sensor is then transmitted by the collector. The monitoring results are transmitted to the background through wired or wireless transmission. Users can see the data information intuitively through the background. Farmers do not need to be on duty in the greenhouse. The meteorological conditions and environmental conditions in the greenhouse can be learned remotely. Improve work efficiency, reduce useless operation, and combine the actual landscape measurement and LED display.

Adopting an open and friendly design concept, users can change the coordination of elements and modules by themselves. It can quickly realize the change and expansion of data collection and processing methods and observation elements. It can provide great help for the environmental regulation in the greenhouse.

portable weather station
portable weather station