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How to use the spore trap?

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 23 2021

The spore monitoring system is also compatible with the ATCSP pest monitoring and control system. The intelligent spore monitoring system includes two types of equipment: an intelligent spore detector and an intelligent spore analyzer. The intelligent spore analyzer is equipped with a professional one-hundred-fold optical magnification microscope. The spore pictures can be taken clearly and regularly. Remote upload to the system platform to facilitate real-time viewing of field spores. The spore monitoring system it adopts high-tech means such as precision limit technology. automatic intelligent focusing technology, wireless transmission control technology and so on.

Collect and analyze spore data in real time around the clock, which saves time and is more user-friendly. At the same time, the digitization of the spore concentration test of agricultural pathogens is realized. It is to monitor the occurrence, development and distribution area of diseases in a timely manner through the Internet. Prevent the occurrence and spread of agricultural diseases in time.

Detection principle:

The spore detector makes the spores in the air pass through the air collection system through the air supply port to make the spores fall on the glass slide. When the spore collection position that has been collected by the transmission collection system is moved to the microscope. The microbial observation system starts to run, and the detection data is displayed on the screen and uploaded to the cloud.

Instructions for use:

First turn off the power switch and open the door of the instrument cabinet. The user has two choices:
  1. Automatic mode, using PET electrostatic film as carrier
    (1) The spores will adhere to the PET electrostatic film when they enter the bin and move to the designated position.
    (2) The camera shoots and displays the spore picture on the screen.
    (3) Simultaneously report to the platform via 4G to analyze the type and quantity of spores.
    (4) When the PET electrostatic film needs to be replaced, just put the electrostatic film on the roller.
  2. Manual mode, use the slide as a carrier
    (1) The glass slide must be coated with petroleum jelly and placed lightly on the glass slide under the vent.
    (2) After collecting the spores, they must be manually placed at the glass carrier under the camera. The camera takes pictures and uploads.
The spore monitoring system
The spore monitoring system