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Smart sprinkler irrigation system help plants replenish water

User:JXCTUpload time:Mar 23 2022

Intelligent sprinkler irrigation system in China’s agriculture, forestry, and horticulture application. Not only greatly improve the degree of automation of irrigation operations in China.

And can achieve timely water supplement, to meet the needs of plant water.

In fact, plants and people, also need to replenish water in time.

Irrigation operations are designed to meet the water needs of plants. But it has long been the experience of farmers to determine the number and amount of irrigation each time.

This method can not be clear whether the crop water shortage, also can not achieve timely water supplement. So with the rapid development of technology, irrigation operations need to be refined.


Intelligent irrigation system uses soil temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor and other sensing equipment to accurately perceive the soil moisture. And the monitored data will be transmitted to the control center.

When the soil moisture is below the set alarm value, the intelligent sprinkler irrigation system will alert the alert manager.

Or through the intelligent control function to open the solenoid valve, so that the sprinkler water, humidity, temperature, cleanliness compensation, so that they return to the set range.

In this way, it not only realizes the function of remote monitoring, but also compensates water in time to avoid the impact of drought stress on crop growth.


With the development of agricultural modernization, agricultural production has become more and more refined.

The application of intelligent irrigation system can not only meet the requirements of water-saving irrigation in fine agriculture, but also improve the yield and quality of crops.

And can be uniform to the crops of automatic sprinkler irrigation, saving water, time and labor, but also save the cost.

What used to take four workers can now be done easily by one person.

Moreover, the intelligent sprinkler irrigation system is applied to the ecological tourism park. The water mist emitted by thousands of automatic sprinkler heads is embedded in the tea garden, creating a dreamlike scene of its own.

It also increases the ornamental value of ecological tourism park and attracts many tourists to take photos.