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Agricultural control system in agriculture

User:JXCTUpload time:Feb 23 2022

With the development of various agricultural iot systems, the application of agricultural control system in agriculture is also increasing.

The system promoted the increase of agricultural output, the reduction of input, the reduction of labor consumption and so on, which made the facility agriculture obtain good economic benefits.

Agricultural control system can be applied to greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse flowers and plants breeding, greenhouse fungi breeding, greenhouse green park and other occasions.


Intelligent agricultural control system can realize scientific and intelligent monitoring and management of agriculture.

It can view data analysis platform online, realize comprehensive, flexible, real-time analysis and statistics. And provide monitoring, alarm, data analysis, data application, remote diagnosis services, realize intelligent agricultural management.

The system integrates sensors, controllers, smart cameras, smart cameras and other high-end iot devices.

On the agricultural production site of the climate, soil and other environmental trends, the growth of crops, agricultural facilities operating conditions for a full 360 degree monitoring, and according to the set conditions.

Automatic warning and remote automatic control for all kinds of abnormal conditions. According to the needs of crop growth, real-time intelligent decision-making, and automatically open or close the specified environmental regulation equipment.

Through the deployment and implementation of the system, it can provide scientific basis and effective means for automatic monitoring of agricultural ecological information, automatic control and intelligent management of facilities.

Agricultural control system

1) Agricultural environment monitoring

In order to make the farmland environment better adapt to crop growth. It is necessary to adjust the farmland environmental parameters in real time.

Agricultural control system with the help of sensor network to real-time acquisition of crop growth environment data.

By analyzing these data and sending control commands to the underlying control system, the environment parameters can be automatically adjusted.

2) Automatic irrigation

Intelligent agricultural control systems through the real-time monitoring of soil moisture and nutrient elements content, combined with expert decision-making system, automatic irrigation and fertilization of crops, remote control automatic irrigation, saving manpower, accurate irrigation.

3) Video surveillance

The system can remotely monitor crop status through video, give early warning in time, monitor crop growth environment in real time, promote intelligent development of agriculture.