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Sprinkler irrigation system promote agricultural development

User:JXCTUpload time:Feb 15 2022

In order to promote the development of agricultural production, it is necessary to use intelligent sprinkler irrigation system that can save water.

In order to achieve the purpose of saving water, land and labor.


JXCT intelligent sprinkler irrigation system is developed and designed according to the characteristics and actual needs of agricultural irrigation.

The intelligent irrigation system realizes the automatic irrigation of agriculture through computer remote control and management of pump house and solenoid valve start and close.

Before irrigation, soil moisture was monitored and collected by corresponding soil sensors in real time.

The advantage is that automatic irrigation can be carried out according to the water demand of crops, improving agricultural productivity.


The application of intelligent sprinkler irrigation system can not only save a lot of water resources, but also bring huge economic benefits for users.
Through the practice in recent years, automatic irrigation system is combined with sprinkler irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation system

In the whole growth period of wheat, the average water saving can be 40%. The average yield per mu can increase 75 kg, combined with fertilization, can save more than 20 labor. Automated irrigation systems are combined with micro-irrigation.

When used in planting vegetables and fruits, the effect of saving water and increasing yield is more significant, and the fruit quality is significantly improved. Compared with ordinary irrigation, water saving is 30% and increase production is 20%, which has better economic benefit.

It also shows that the application of this new technology is a very important measure and means to solve the problem of shortage of water for agricultural irrigation.

And through the demonstration application in various places, it also shows that the use of this new technology for irrigation operation is effective to improve agricultural production. It is necessary for the development of present agriculture.

Moreover, intelligent sprinkler irrigation system greatly improves the efficiency and water-saving capacity of agricultural irrigation. In another aspect, it also improves the automation level of China’s agriculture and promotes the rapid development of modern agriculture.