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Introduction of smart agriculture root scanner

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 03 2021

Root scanner is a new plant root growth detection product. It can detect the growth status, growth status and bad growth data of the tested plant root system in real time. Use the camera to shoot videos and upload them to the cloud platform. The data is processed and analyzed into frames by the cloud platform. Upload the root diameter, length, bifurcation number and other information. Users view the data at any time to see how the root crop is growing.

The roots of plants play a vital role in plant growth. In recent years, the weather has been changeable, and this year’s rainfall is generally more than usual. The roots of plants are seriously waterlogged by rainfall, so today many plants, crops and vegetables have a large area of yield decline. The price of vegetables has already risen this year due to the lack of oxygen and the rot of plants’ roots caused by excessive rainfall. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the health of plant roots in planting.

Root scanner
Root scanner
Plant root scanner

Root scanner adopts micro-root canal technology in the natural state, can be in situ online scanning imaging of plant roots without damage, the measurement process does not interfere with the growth of the root system can continue or online monitoring of the whole growth or death process of the plant root system. Root scanner can analyze root length, diameter, area, volume, root tip counting, etc., with powerful function and simple operation.

In the process of using the plant root analyzer.It should be noted that the vertical length of 500mm hole should be dug next to the root crop first.Which is convenient for the scanner to put in for detection. For transparent observation tube and pull rod protection shell should be carefully placed, fragile.