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Intelligent agriculture system based on IOT

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 02 2021

With the development of Internet of Things technology. The Internet of Things (IOT) can transform agribusinesses. IOT modernization helps collect data on soil temperature, soil nutrients and other conditions. Know when the soil is short of water and not straining enough. IOT helps aggregate information on conditions such as climate, humidity, temperature and soil fertility. IOT can interconnect and control devices. Remote monitoring of agricultural environment conditions, without duty, directly through the cloud platform to view the agricultural environment conditions. Better monitoring can be achieved through smart farming systems. Use of wireless agricultural sensors in smart agriculture. Agricultural sensors mainly include soil sensors, weather station sensors, plant growth monitoring sensors and other equipment, real-time monitoring of crop growth state.

Intelligent agricultural system
Intelligent agricultural system
The role of intelligent agricultural system in agricultural development

With the development of agricultural Iot technology, we have developed an intelligent agricultural monitoring system. Smart farming systems ensure that crops grow in better soil and air. Intelligent agricultural control systems help agricultural monitoring. In addition to its main goal, the system could contribute to a significant reduction in global warming. The natural habits of plants are indirect. Using the system can also protect plants from fire. This, in turn, helps reduce crop damage. Therefore, the ecological balance is maintained.

The agricultural Big Data cloud platform collects real-time data in the agricultural environment, such as air temperature, environmental humidity, CO2, soil temperature, humidity and moisture, temperature outside the shed and wind speed, through sensor equipment. Data will be transmitted to the service management platform through WIFI and other networks for data analysis and processing. Producers can take timely prevention and control measures to reduce production risks. At the same time, on the smart agriculture cloud platform, producers can remotely and automatically control greenhouse irrigation, ventilation, cooling, heat preservation and other facilities and equipment to achieve precise operation and save labor and time.