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Water-saving automatic irrigation

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 30 2021

Water-saving automatic irrigation is to obtain the maximum output or profit with the minimum water consumption. That is, irrigation measures that maximize the yield and output value of crops per unit of irrigation water. Automatic irrigation means that the cloud platform remotely controls the irrigation equipment to realize automatic irrigation. No manpower required, cost saving. The main measures are: channel seepage prevention, low-pressure pipe irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation and irrigation management systems.


Since modern times, with the rapid increase in population, the economy has become increasingly developed. The prominent contradiction between water supply and demand is also reflected in the worldwide irrigation business. In addition, there is a further reduction in construction and operating costs. Improve irrigation efficiency and prevent problems such as salinization and swamping of irrigated land. In Shouguang, Shandong Province, the hometown of vegetables in China, serious soil salinization has appeared. It can not only save water sources and alleviate the problem of soil salinization, but also save labor costs.

Significance of water-saving automatic irrigation:

First, save water. Because of its fully automated integrated equipment, it has electronic information collection. It can detect the farmland environment in real time, and automatically irrigate the farmland according to crop growth conditions and farmland conditions to reduce water waste. Irrigation is formed by pipes, spray guns or nozzles to form sprinkler irrigation, uniformly, quantitatively, and regularly spraying the farmland. Effective detection and control of water source consumption saves water source waste to a certain extent.

automatic irrigation
automatic irrigation

Secondly, due to the influence of geographical conditions, environmental climate, and soil differences. The growth of crops will be subject to certain restrictions, but the water-saving automatic irrigation system. Real-time monitoring of soil conditions, effectively improving the soil environment. Create better growing conditions for crops. Finally, it reduces labor costs. We all know that the area of farmland is relatively large. It takes a lot of time and manpower to irrigate. Water-saving irrigation is a fully automatic irrigation mode. It has a PC display platform and a mobile terminal that can be controlled remotely for irrigation.