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Problems in agricultural soil

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 26 2021

Only healthy soil can grow healthy plants, and farmers are concerned about soil problems. Crop health is also our direction. Ensure the health of the soil and maximize the profitability of agricultural products. The four main conditions for soil deterioration are the lack of trace elements, soil compaction, accumulation of soil diseases and insect pests, and thinning of the active soil layer. Will the “Jingxuntong” soil sensor solve the soil problems?

soil problems
soil problems
Introduction to the role of soil sensors

Soil organic matter content is low, and low organic matter content affects soil fertility. Farmers will solve this problem through fertilization. Traditional fertilization not only uses improper amounts of fertilizers, but also has low utilization rates. Through the water and fertilizer integrated machine. Not only is the effective solution of the micro-washing of irrigation and fertilization, but also accurate fertilization through scientific calculations. Water and fertilizer integration equipment is a modern intelligent irrigation equipment. It can be used for farmland drip irrigation and farmland sprinkler irrigation. The water and fertilizer integration equipment uses the water pressure system to add soluble solid or liquid fertilizer to the fertilizer irrigation. And through the fertilizer applicator automatic proportioning and then evenly, timing and quantitative with water and fertilizer. The integrated water and fertilizer equipment has single-channel, three-channel and four-channel styles. Can be selected according to irrigation scenarios.

Soil compaction, acid-base salinization (no fertilization, various diseases, physiological diseases) soil nutrient loss, To improve soil conditions, soil pH sensors can be used to measure soil pH, which effectively solves the problem of soil salinization. The soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content is measured by a soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sensor. The integrated drip irrigation technology of water and fertilizer can effectively prevent soil compaction.

Soil is the foundation of plant growth and development. The nutrient guarantee for plant growth and development, and the ability of the soil to provide water, fertilizer, gas and heat required for the normal growth and development of plants. These soil conditions influence and restrict each other. To provide essential mineral elements and water for plant life. The quality of soil is very important to the growth of plants, and professional soil testing equipment escorts the growth of plants.