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Intelligent insect forecasting system

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 23 2021

With the advancement of science and technology, nowadays, insect monitoring is no longer going to the forest and field in person. Check all kinds of pests and keep recording data. It’s tedious, and the work is hard. If you don’t check the insect situation carefully and blindly control it, it will not have a very good effect. Moreover, it delays the period of pest control, which will further harm the agricultural and forestry production.

The use of an intelligent pest monitoring system can help us automatically monitor the pest situation. And upload the monitored insect situation to the cloud platform. The user only needs to view it through the mobile phone, and does not need to travel back and forth. This greatly reduces the intensity of pest monitoring.


Multifunctional automated insect situation. The real-time monitoring system can automatically open and close with the change of day and night. Insect monitoring automatically complete system operations such as trapping, collecting, and repacking. There is an upgrade interface. An automatic conversion system is set up, which can realize the automatic conversion of the insect receiver. In case of special circumstances such as holidays and other special circumstances, if the insects are not collected in time on the same day, the insects can be stored on a daily basis. Thereby reducing the work intensity of the forecasting personnel and saving working time. Use far-infrared to quickly process insects.

Compared with the conventional use of poison bottles to treat insects. Avoid causing harm to the human body of the personnel who forecast the insect situation, reduce environmental pollution, and install rain control devices. Rainwater is automatically drained out of the box to avoid confusion between rainwater and insects. Light lure, far-infrared treatment of insect bodies, automatic conversion of insect receivers and other functions. Make the insect body fresh, dry and complete, which is conducive to the identification of insect species and facilitates the preparation of specimens.