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Intelligent greenhouse control system

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 18 2021
Overview of Greenhouse Control System:

More and more applications of intelligent greenhouse control system have brought many benefits to greenhouses. It really saves a lot of manual operation. More importantly, through the intelligent agricultural IoT cloud platform, the most suitable temperature in the greenhouse can be automatically adjusted. Humans cannot precisely control the intensity and time of light to control the growth of plants in the greenhouse.

The high degree of intelligence of the smart greenhouse has reduced labor costs to a large extent. Not only the temperature and light, but also the precise adjustment of the water content of the planting substrate.

Introduction of Intelligent Greenhouse System:

interactive transmission through various communication networks such as local wireless network, Internet, mobile communication Internet. Realize the effective transmission of agricultural production environmental information. Information is transmitted to the control through the wireless network transmission system and information routing equipment
Heart. Each node can be paired freely, monitored arbitrarily, and does not interfere with each other.

Control system:

Install cameras to monitor each greenhouse and the entire park in real time. The monitoring computer can be used to monitor the entire library environment adjustment process. Real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity, light, CO2, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall. Soil temperature and humidity and other data of the vegetable planting environment through the display screen. Collect the data of each node and store and manage it in case of emergency. Realize the dynamic display of the entire test point information. And according to various types of information, automatic irrigation, fertilization, spraying, cooling, lighting and other information control.

It also has functions such as storage, query, alarm, and printing of historical data. Remote control system: The user’s mobile phone terminal user can grasp the working status of the greenhouse in real time, and send instructions to control the equipment through the mobile phone.

Intelligent greenhouse control system
Intelligent greenhouse control system