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What is the pest monitoring system?

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 27 2022

With the rapid development of smart agriculture, it has become particularly important to design digital agricultural solutions through scientific and technological means to guide farmers in planting. The accurate analysis and statistics of pests are of great significance to the comprehensive management of pests, which can be realized by pest monitoring system.

pest monitoring system

Agriculture must transform to commercialization, specialization, and modernization, and higher requirements are put forward for high-yield, high-quality, and high-efficiency agriculture. As an important part of agricultural production, the forecasting and prevention of diseases and insects is an important part of agricultural production. The impact is significant. Due to the large changes in the ecological environment in the field, the frequency of pests and diseases has also increased.

In the past, to grasp the situation of the insects, it was necessary for plant protection personnel to go to the field to catch the insects, and then perform calculations. Later, with the insect situation detection lamp, there is no need to catch the insects, but the collection and calculation of the insect situation is still It needs to be done manually, and workers still need to go in and out of the fields frequently, which is time-consuming, laborious and difficult to meet the actual needs of production. The pest monitoring system has completely improved this phenomenon.

What is a pest monitoring system?

The pest monitoring system is a modern pest automatic forecasting system. The system uses knowledge and methods such as biology, ecology, mathematics, system science, logic, etc., and utilizes modern optical, electrical, numerical control technology, and wireless transmission technology. , Internet of Things and other technologies, combined with practical experience and historical data, can predict the future trend of pests and diseases. You can easily grasp the real-time pest situation with mobile phones and computers, which greatly improves labor efficiency and the accuracy of monitoring results. Personnel and growers provide accurate and timely forecast services.

pest monitoring

What are the advantages of the insect situation monitoring system compared with the traditional insect situation forecasting method?

1, Monitoring is more accurate

The pest monitoring system is a new generation of image-based pest monitoring and reporting tools, which can automatically trap, kill, disperse, and take pictures without supervision. , Transmission, collection, drainage, etc., and upload the pest category and count status to the agricultural pest situation monitoring and reporting platform in real time, and display it on the web side. According to the identification result, the occurrence and development of the pest will be analyzed and predicted to provide accurate Pest monitoring data provide accurate and effective data support for the occurrence of pests in the coming year.

2, green environmental protection

Traditional pest control uses pesticides, which pollute the environment and affect the sustainable development of agriculture, while the pest monitoring system uses modern optical, electrical, and numerical control integrated technologies to achieve pest control. The far-infrared automatic processing is helpful to vigorously promote the green prevention and control technology of crop pests, reduce the use of chemical pesticides, and contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture.

3, Easy to manage

The pest monitoring system can upload the pest situation to the intelligent agricultural cloud platform in real time, with functions such as real-time pest situation monitoring, artificial intelligence identification of insect bodies, and insect situation identification report generation. On the platform, you can see various data about the insect situation at each measurement point, which is convenient for unified management and helps various regions to actively promote professional unified defense and governance services.

With the popularization of smart agriculture, insect monitoring systems are increasingly used in agriculture, forestry, customs, landscaping, professional standardized science and technology demonstration parks and many other fields. Monitoring, early warning, forecasting and forecasting of information on changes in the pest situation in the field, and assisting managers in formulating specific prevention and control measures in a timely manner.