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Introduction to LORA Solar irrigation Controller

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 11 2021

Solar irrigation controller can be widely used in all kinds of farms, pastures. Mainly used for field irrigation, farm, pasture water supply. This product can control the water valve by pressing the button and cloud platform. The control of two solenoid valves is realized by pressing the keys. Remote control instructions can also be sent to the irrigation controller through jingxun cloud to realize remote irrigation operations.

Irrigation Controller
Irrigation Controller
Solar irrigation controller matters needing attention

Precautions: Use outdoors, do not place in low-lying, closed environment. The device is placed in a higher position to enhance signal reception. In the outdoor use should be well moistureproof, high temperature treatment. Avoid high temperature caused by direct sunlight on the sensor. Lightning protection for outdoor use. Do not pull the lead line of the irrigation controller, and do not throw or violently impact the irrigation controller. Due to the existence of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the air, it is not suitable to be energized in the air for a long time. If the device is used outdoors, place it in an open and unobserved position. In the position of 4-5 meters high, to enhance the signal strength and coverage in outdoor use to do a good job of waterproof treatment

Need to match LoRa Bridge cloud box. The establishment time of the connection between the sensor and the transbridge cloud box is related to the signal, distance and the default reporting time of the sensor.

The irrigation controller can realize the control of the irrigation solenoid valve and the irrigation frequency conversion control cabinet. The irrigation controller can remotely control the solenoid valve to save water. It can control the solenoid valve through two ways of buttons and cloud platform.The irrigation controller is highly integrated, while controlling solenoid valves, frequency converters, etc.Use advanced LORA communication technology.