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The role of evaporation sensor

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 10 2021

Evaporation sensor is also known as evaporation sensor. The device is an instrument that can be used to observe the evaporation of water. The whole adopts double layer stainless steel structure design, can prevent the evaporation error caused by direct sunlight. It is suitable for meteorological observation, plant cultivation, seed cultivation, agriculture and forestry, geological survey, scientific research and other fields.

Jxbs-3001-zfl water surface evaporation sensor applies the principle of pressure type measurement. Evaporation is measured by measuring the change of liquid weight in the evaporation dish and then calculating the height of the page. Water surface evaporation measurement that can adapt to various environments. Not affected by liquid freezing. It overcomes the defects such as inaccurate measurement when the liquid level is frozen, easy damage to the sensor when there is no water and low measurement accuracy. Evaporation measurement instrument adopts imported pressure sensor. The pressure sensor has passed many certifications at home and abroad. Ensure that the linearity of the sensor meets adequate standards.

Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station
Weather sensors and weather stations

The automatic weather station can continuously and automatically monitor the real-time changes of temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, noise, rainfall, soil, evaporation, SO2, NO, O3, CO, and quickly Accurately collect and process monitoring data,Online automatic monitoring of regional air quality.

Multiple transmission modes: support 485 output mode (default), 4G, Ethernet output mode.Solar power system, 24 hours power supply.The 7-inch touch control panel displays all the readings of the weather station in real time;Adjustable size, real-time data and other set information.The weather station can be equipped with monitoring, automatic photographing, video uploading platform, convenient to observe the actual growth of plants.Tripod pole; upright pole bracket is optional.

Automatic weather station is suitable for agriculture, water conservancy, campus, scenic spots and other fields to accurately monitor data.