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Soil moisture sensors are important for plant growth

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 28 2021

Soil moisture sensor is also called soil moisture sensor, soil moisture sensor. Mainly used to measure the relative moisture content in the soil, soil moisture monitoring and agricultural irrigation and forestry protection. Widely used in water-saving agricultural irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil speed measurement, plant cultivation, scientific experiments and other fields. Water measurement and control are essential to plant growth. Soil moisture sensors are critical to plant growth.

The low survival rate of some plants, often said to be difficult to feed, is not only that, but the plant for water and other factors are relatively high requirements caused by. For plants, suitable water environment is conducive to better growth of plants. With too little water, plants can become dry because of lack of water. Too much water, plant roots can not bear, and different water environment of plants will lead to root water soaking rot. In serious cases, too much water will lead to hypoxia of roots, resulting in plant death. Therefore, suitable water for plant growth is more conducive to the development of intelligent agriculture.

Soil moisture sensor-plug and measure-high precision
Soil moisture sensor-plug and measure-high precision
Soil moisture sensor

The independent research and development of soil temperature and humidity integration sensor can be inserted into the soil for direct use. It has the characteristics of high precision, simple and convenient operation, good waterproof and dustproof effect. Soil temperature and humidity detector can be integrated to monitor soil temperature, moisture, electrical conductivity of three parameters in one, bid farewell to the shortcomings of a single parameter monitoring. Widely used in scientific experiments, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables planting and so on.

Soil temperature and humidity detector adopts waterproof and dustproof design, which can better meet the needs of monitoring. To cultivate good crops, one must understand the environment in which they are produced.