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Pest monitoring protects crop plants for better growth

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 27 2021

As a big agricultural country, our country aims to develop its agricultural civilization. In agricultural production and planting, diseases and insect pests have been a key threat to agricultural planting, seriously affecting the development of China’s agriculture, but also has been making people very headache. The plant monitoring is very important.

Pest monitoring has always been the top priority in agricultural pest control. Which has been highly valued by plant protection departments. In recent years, with the development of science and technology in China, the pest monitoring level in many areas of China has been greatly improved with the help of advanced instruments in the pest monitoring system. The results of agricultural planting have also been a very good promotion, effectively improve the scientific prediction of disease and insect. To ensure the accuracy of monitoring data, but also to ensure China’s food security, this technology has made a certain contribution to the reliability and authenticity of China’s agricultural production.

Pest monitoring system – smart agricultural equipment
Pest monitoring system – smart agricultural equipment
Pest monitoring system

The pest monitoring system can provide accurate pest monitoring data. In a certain range, in different periods, it can effectively monitor the activities and harm of insects. Provide prediction and reference basis for the occurrence and peak of insect pests in the future, so that people can timely do a good job in prevention programs. Insect monitoring can also reduce manpower and reduce labor costs. With this system, people can rest assured to monitor the insect situation monitoring intelligence work to it, reduce the work of people in the insect situation monitoring.

And the bug monitoring system can be installed to do a lot of prevention and control, in order to achieve the goal of green production. People can use targeted drugs according to the collected insect body monitoring, precise control and effective. To prevent the abuse of pesticides, thus reducing the abuse of fertilization in agriculture, more conducive to the development of smart agriculture.