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Working principle of rainfall observation station

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 30 2021
What is a rainfall monitoring station?

Rainfall monitoring station is a modern rain gauge based on the Internet of Things. A new type of weather monitoring equipment that can monitor data such as total rainfall/instantaneous rainfall/24-hour rainfall. It consists of rain sensor (rain gauge), data transmission device, battery, solar panel, bracket, etc. It can be equipped with sensors such as wind speed, wind direction, louver box, rain and snow. It integrates information collection, transmission, analysis, and early warning. Realize the timely and accurate upload of early warning information, minimizing personnel and property losses.

rainfall monitoring station
rainfall monitoring station
Features of Rainfall Monitoring Station

The equipment adopts high-sensitivity digital probes with high precision and stable signal. It has the characteristics of good waterproof, easy to use, easy to install, and long transmission distance. Meteorological elements can be continuously and automatically monitored around the clock, and monitoring data can be collected quickly and accurately. And transmitted to the software data platform through the network.

  1. It can monitor data such as total rainfall/instantaneous rainfall/24-hour rainfall.
  2. It can be used in conjunction with geological monitoring instruments to promptly and quickly issue alarms for disasters such as mountain torrents, mudslides, and landslides.
  3. Support customizing a variety of sensors, you can choose to match the wind speed, wind direction, blinds and other sensors, convenient, fast, easy to use,
  4. Automatic network reporting, providing a highly reliable integrated platform.
  5. Adopt solar power system, built-in large-capacity battery/maintenance-free.
The working principle of rainfall weather station

Rainfall weather stations use rainfall sensors to monitor rainfall data. The data is sent to the monitoring cloud platform through the built-in GPRS module of the sensor. The cloud platform receives, summarizes, counts, and analyzes the received data, and users log in to the IoT cloud platform to view real-time data and historical records. Rain station data can be set remotely.