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What effect does soil moisture have on agricultural planting?

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 17 2021
What is soil moisture sensor

Soil moisture sensor is mainly used to measure the relative water content of soil, do soil moisture monitoring and agricultural irrigation and forestry protection. The soil moisture sensor uses the FDR frequency domain reflection principle. FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometry) is an instrument used to measure soil moisture. It uses the principle of electromagnetic pulses to measure the apparent permittivity of the soil according to the frequency of electromagnetic waves propagating in the medium, thereby obtaining the relative moisture content of the soil. , FDR has the advantages of simple and safe, fast and accurate, fixed-point continuous, automatic, wide range, less calibration and so on. It is a recommended soil moisture measuring instrument.

Soil moisture sensor
Soil moisture sensor
Functions and features

The soil sensor has a compact design, is easy to carry, and is simple to install, operate and maintain.

The structure design is reasonable, and the stainless steel probe ensures the service life.

The exterior is encapsulated with pure epoxy resin, which has good sealing performance and can be directly buried in the soil for use without corrosion.

The soil quality is less affected, and the application area is wide.

The measurement accuracy is high, the performance is reliable, and the normal operation is ensured.

The response speed is fast and the data transmission efficiency is high.

Scope of application

It is widely used in water-saving agricultural irrigation, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables; grassland pastures, soil rapid testing, plant cultivation, scientific experiments and other fields.

Operation precautions

Before the measurement, the soil with uniform density should be selected as the object to be measured; Do not insert the sensor probe into the hard soil block to prevent damage to the probe; Do not pull the cable directly to move the sensor out of the soil, and hold the tested soil in the epoxy resin package with your hand; After using the soil moisture sensor, use a brush to remove the dust on the probe, and dry the probe with a soft cloth to protect the humidity probe and increase its service life.