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Wireless Soil Sensors for Real-time Monitoring in Agriculture

User:JXCTUpload time:May 08 2023

In recent years, the use of sensors has become increasingly popular in various fields, including agriculture. Sensors are increasingly being used in agriculture to enable real-time monitoring and help farmers better manage their crops. In agriculture, soil sensor is a very important sensor, which can realize the real-time monitoring of soil moisture, temperature, pH value, organic matter and other parameters, so that farmers can better manage crops.

Soil sensors can transmit data wirelessly. Wireless sensor network (WNS) is a wireless sensor network composed of multiple sensors, which can transmit sensor data to remote data collection devices through wireless signals. WNS can realize remote monitoring and data sharing to improve monitoring efficiency and accuracy.

Soil sensors commonly used in WNS include inductively coupled plasma (ICP) sensors, infrared sensors and ultrasonic sensors. ICP sensors can detect the chemical and mineral composition of the soil, infrared sensors can detect the temperature and humidity of the soil, and ultrasonic sensors can detect the texture and granular structure of the soil.

ICP sensor can be used to monitor the chemical composition of soil, so as to understand the soil pH, moisture content, organic matter content and other parameters. Using infrared sensors to monitor the soil temperature and humidity, can understand the soil suitable for crop growth temperature and humidity conditions. Using ultrasonic sensors to monitor soil texture and particle structure can understand soil pore structure, aggregate structure and other parameters, so as to better manage crops.

The soil sensor in WNS can be used for real-time monitoring, which can realize accurate monitoring and management of soil parameters. WNS can connect multiple soil sensors and transmit data in real time to a data collection device. Data collection devices can collect data in a variety of ways, such as radar, laser scanners, etc. Data collection devices can upload data to the cloud or data centers for use by farmers and specialists.